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  • A Yorkshire Entrepreneur Promotes Vital Kids’ Car Safety Accessory

    Child Safety? “That’s a Wrap!”, says Yorkshire’s Stars & Snuggles, as Hollywood Actress Sparks New Debate

    A YORKSHIRE entrepreneur is putting child safety first with an innovative product line which answers the desperate pleas of frustrated parents everywhere.

    Following her maternity leave, Sarah Crompton re-joined the rat race to found Stars & Snuggles – an online brand selling a beautiful range of versatile and comfortable cotton or fleece baby wraps, designed to soothe little ones at home or on the move.

    The product line, which is the brainchild of Sarah and features hero item, the ‘Star Wrap’, is made using only UK-sourced materials and meets stringent car safety regulations. Such regulations have recently been highlighted online, since actress Katherine Heigl caused a stir via social media after posting a photo of her son in his car seat.

    Sparking concerns that he wasn’t strapped into the seat correctly; the recent news gave safety-conscious parents some additional food for thought. On top of this, a recent study via What Car? revealed that two out of three children aren’t safe in their car seat, prompting parents to double-check their little ones are safe while travelling. Ensuring baby is kept safe while on the move was one of the key reasons Sarah went into business. While browsing a social media site one night, she was struck by how many parents were on the lookout for a similar star-shaped wrap they’d seen, which was at that point no longer available.

    The inspiration behind Stars & Snuggles, the online feed saw Sarah spring into action to create a product line which met the needs of Mums, Dads and their little ones. Since the aforementioned study – created alongside the organisation, Child Seat Safety – has been released, the company has seen an upsurge in orders.

    Revealing that a staggering 59 per cent of children are using car seats that have either been incorrectly fitted or are inappropriate for their age or size, the study confirmed that simple checks can make a world of difference.

    Tightening seat belts and ensuring head restraints or harnesses are in the right position are just two easy steps parents are being encouraged to take, with What Car? consumer editor, Claire Evans, saying: “We recommend anyone who transports children in car seats to seek expert fitting advice and ensure they try the seat in their car, ideally with their child in it, before they buy it.”

    Stars & Snuggles’ standout product – the car-friendly, star-shaped Travel Wrap – is so simple to use that it’s garnered a host of online fans.

    Just pop your dressed baby into the wrap, with his or her head in the hood, and their arms and legs in the points of the star – and you’re ready to go. Ensuring quick and easy travelling, there’s no struggling with the Stars & Snuggles’ baby star cotton travel wrap, which offers optimum car safety, since it can be used with a three or five-point harness.

    Thanks to its secure straps, the baby can fit safely in the wrap and its clever design means it fits snugly against clothing and used when out and about in a pram, or even in a supermarket trolley.

    Car seat crash-tested under 2018 UN Regulation 129.00 (often referred to as i-size regulation), the portable wrap makes a perfect gift or go-to item for new parents. The company also donates a proportion of its profits to road safety charity, Brake, to help shoppers and parents do their bit.