Agency51 partners with Autohorn Fleet Services for new website project

2017 has got off to a fantastic start for Agency51, who are proud to announce the launch of a new website for Autohorn Fleet Services.

The York-based digital marketing agency signed a contract with short and long-term vehicle leasing providers Autohorn Fleet Services in October 2016, which comprised three individual projects including website optimisation, PPC management and a website re-build.

This has led to a brand new website for main brand Autohorn Fleet Services, which features an innovative design that reflects the company’s core values of customer service and flexible vehicle leasing options.

The new website,, comes at an exciting time for Autohorn Fleet Services, who were recently awarded Socially Responsible Business of the Year at the 2016 York Press Business Awards. The team will also be expanding into bigger premises for 2017, and will be utilising Agency51’s PR and content marketing services to inform their clients of any new developments.

As part of an ongoing digital marketing project with Agency51, Autohorn Fleet Services also signed up to a lead-generation contract for their short-term car leasing brand, as well as a user experience improvement and web design project for their 28-day to 12-month vehicle leasing brand The results have been fantastic on both counts, with a significantly reduced cost-per-acquisition through pay-per-click advertising for, and consistently rising visitor numbers for the website.

Feedback for the Autohorn Fleet Services website, meanwhile, has been very positive and is a testament to one of Agency51’s newest employees, Web Designer Andy Cox. Sales and Operations Director Scott Jenkins said: “I couldn’t be happier with the project work that has been completed so far with Agency51. Our new website has been built from scratch into a clean, modern design which provides a great user experience for our customers.”

The success of Autohorn Fleet Services’ initial three projects has led to the acquisition of a fourth for Agency51, who will design another website from scratch for Autohorn Fleet Services’ newest brand, long-term vehicle leasing provider Clear Car Leasing.

Agency51’s Account Director Jo Coates, who led the projects, said: “We were immensely proud to take on a contract with such an established name, not just in the York area but in the vehicle leasing industry as a whole.

“Our success across these three projects is evidence of our hard work and dedication as a team, and we’re looking forward to seeing even more incredible results for Clear Car Leasing in 2017.”