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  • Agile Acoustics Ensure Great Sound and Vision for Two Yorkshire Restaurants

    A COMPANY at the forefront of the acoustics industry has helped two restaurants attract more custom, with a huge, sound-absorbing Italian-themed installation being their latest project.

    Since it’s a fact that nearly 80% of people have left a restaurant, café or pub early because of the noise –according to the 2016 Speak Easy Report by Action on Hearing Loss – Agile Acoustics has grand plans to change that, having helped restaurant owners Aldo, and Julio ensure a more pleasant atmosphere for diners.

    Identifying background noise as a combination of environmental noise, like people talking or the noise made by a coffee machine, music, or cutlery clattering on a table, 9 out of 10 respondents in the Speak Easy report said such disturbances are the biggest problem they face when dining out.

    But thanks to acoustic treatments designed to reduce noise levels by absorbing or diffusing sounds, many of Agile Acoustics’ clients no longer receive noise-related complaints from their customers.

    When it comes to the acoustics of a public venue like a restaurant, café or hotel, the company says there is a lot to consider. Often, echo and reverberation due to the design and furnishings of a room can leave customers complaining to staff about a less than pleasant dining experience. Worse still, they may leave early or post negative online reviews.

    As a result, owners and managers approach Agile Acoustics to provide practical solutions, which can be incorporated into their venue in a seamless and aesthetically-pleasing way.

    Recently, Aldo of Aldo’s Italian in Bradford contacted the team for some advice – and after an initial chat, Agile Acoustics put together some CAD drawings, creating bespoke, marble effect tiles and installing the new solution in his restaurant.

    With the addition of 102 acoustic ceiling tiles, the team took the reverberation time from 2.5 seconds to 1.1 seconds – a 56% improvement*. The Aldo’s install was such a success that it was even picked up by Jay Rayner, who featured the install in The Observer weekend magazine. Aldo was absolutely over the moon, too, with customers reporting an improved ambience in the restaurant, and huge smiles all round.

    Before long, Agile Acoustics heard from other restaurateurs, with Julio’s in Halifax getting in touch to discover how the company could transform its acoustics.

    Located in the historic quarter of Halifax, Julio’s can be found opposite the town hall. Serving up delicious Italian cuisine, the restaurant has recently undergone a significant refurbishment.

    Before approaching the team to help with his first installation some time ago, Julio had invested in another solution, which he hoped would reduce the noise-levels in the restaurant. Unfortunately, the solution he put in place via another company didn’t do the trick, which is when Julio initially sought the advice of Agile Acoustics.

    His words to the company were simply: ‘I just want something that works’. He didn’t realise at that point that it could blend in with his décor, while making a statement, too.

    The acoustic transformation began in Julio’s secluded dining area. Thrilled with the result, he later commissioned the team to provide similar acoustic solutions in his main dining area and bar.

    Agile Acoustics ensure the customer is heavily involved in the selection of colours and styles, to ensure their aesthetic needs are met. Building a fully working solution that offers practicality while looking great, the company aims for satisfied clients and referrals over a quick sale. In Julio’s case, the brand worked in his secluded dining area to prove the concept. Impressed with the result, he went on to commission the team to cover the main dining area.

    Once that was complete, Julio had a vision for something striking in the bar area – and with Agile Acoustics’ expertise, they worked together to come up with a striking map of Italy.  As with all Agile Acoustics’ installs, there’s the option to ensure practicality meets style – and Julio and the team decided to go all-out on both fronts, with the map comprising acoustic tiles now ensuring diners can enjoy their visit to Julio’s even more.

    A unique installation which brings authentic, Italian style into the restaurant while also ensuring it meets the venue’s needs on a practicality level, Julio hoped the unique design scheme and layout would make a statement – and feedback from customers confirms that it does just that!

    Creating a five-metre-long map of Italy out of tiles, Agile Acoustics’ installed the hugely eye-catching acoustics, which have since got customers talking (and snapping photos for social media!), as well as solved Julio’s issues.

    Agile Acoustics’ Stuart Jones was also thrilled with the end result. He said: Julio is a forward-thinking Restaurateur and wants the very best for his customers. Acoustically his Restaurant is now one of the best in the UK, and I’m sure customers will travel from miles around to sample the food and improved ambience.”

    *Predicted results provided by MZA Acoustics, see reverb graph below. Mid-frequency reverberation time is the arithmetic average of the reverberation time in the 500Hz, 1,000Hz and 2,000Hz speech frequencies.