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  • Barnett Waddingham supports Pensions Awareness Day

    Barnett Waddingham offer a free guide for employers who have not yet established their workplace auto-enrolment (AE). The ultimate ae guide addresses all of the key concerns and issues employers face and takes the stress out of the preparation, before and after, AE. This enables companies to carry on running their business as normal.

    Rob Thomas, Associate at Barnett Waddingham, said; “With many small and medium sized employers (SME) firms gearing up for Christmas, whether it is because they operate in hospitality or retail sectors or because they want their employees to have a good time at the firm’s festive party, the best present a SME can provide for their employees would be ‘financial education’ and the benefits of long term savings. What better trigger is there for this than Pension Awareness day to put plans in place to make this happen.”

    “Financial education should include an element of debt management, after all if you are saddled with debt, saving may be not at the forefront of your mind. Many SMEs will also have recently set up their workplace pension schemes to meet their auto-enrolment (AE) duties. With the first statutory step up in contributions just around the corner, in April 2018, Pension Awareness day is a good opportunity to remind employees on the financial implication of these changes, as well as the benefits of saving towards their long term goals.”

    The free guide can be found here – Auto-enrolment guid