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  • Barnett Waddingham’s round-up of current issues affecting pensions

    Barnett Waddingham LLP is the UK’s largest independent firm of actuaries, pension administrators and consultants, with seven offices throughout the UK. Throughout September Barnett Waddingham ran a series of seminars providing a round-up of current issues affecting pensions, along with a chance to taste-test some of the finest craft beers from around the local regions.

    We have recorded a webinar of the technical update, which can be found via our website here: https://www.barnett-waddingham.co.uk/events/webinars/2017/10/03/whats-brewing-pensions/

    In this Webinar, Self-Invested Pensions Technical Specialist, James Jones-Tinsley, explores 11 topical pension issues, which may be of interest to you, your family, your business or colleagues.

    Starting with an overview of the outcome of June’s ‘snap’ General Election, James goes on to address the impact that this, and the forthcoming Autumn Budget, may have on contributions into pensions, and the maximum amount that can be saved tax-efficiently within a pension.

    James then looks at the possibility of the State Pension Age being increased again from 67 to 68, as well as what is – and what isn’t – being done by the government to address the ever-present problem of ‘pension scams’.

    The second half of James’ Webinar includes an overview of the ‘pension freedoms’, that were first introduced in April 2015, a case study for those who are affected by a tapering of their annual allowance, and closes with an examination of a recent tribunal case that could have implications for the imposition of Inheritance Tax on pension funds.

    James has ensured that there is something for everyone within the selected topics, so sit back, press play, and enjoy this comprehensive overview of what is currently brewing in the ever-changing world of pensions.