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  • Chippendale Projects “Hasn’t Looked Back” Since 2015 Flooding

    Leeds-based shopfitting company, Chippendale Projects, “hasn’t looked back” since the floods of Boxing Day 2015 nearly wiped them out, with new business opportunities and increased turnover.

    Since the flooding, the company has grown from strength to strength and now has a positive future once again.

    Jamie Hacker, General Manager of Chippendale Projects said: “After the flood subsided and we were able to inspect the damage, we made the decision to carry on as a business. It would have been easier for us to call it a day.

    “The damage to our manufacturing equipment and the clean up of our office and workshop was extensive. It was a shock to find that we weren’t actually insured for the flood damage.

    The company moved to new premises, but it was three months before work began to get back to normal.

    Mr Hacker added: “ The fact that we’re a self-financing company meant that we were in a better position than most to be able to carry on. We have invested roughly £200,000 to 250,000 in getting back on our feet and we received a £98,000 grant from the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) to purchase new manufacturing equipment.

    “We’re especially proud that our staff stuck by us and we managed to recover without any layoffs. In fact we increased the size of our team during the recovery period.”

    The company was also lucky that their biggest client,  Coral Bookmakers, delayed planned work to refurbish and fit out a number of stores across the UK. The delay, plus a manufacturing contract from them, gave Chippendale Projects the time needed to get back to normal.

    Mr Hacker continued: “Had Coral proceeded with their planned works, we would have been in no position to take on that work. As it was, the delay bought us enough time to be able to take it on and do it to a standard that we are known for.

    “I wouldn’t say that the flood was the best thing to happen to the business, as it involved a lot of sleepless nights, but we’ve been fortunate to come out of it in a better position than when it happened.  We’ve opened up new business opportunities for the company, our turnover is above pre-flooding levels and the future for the business looks positive. The decision to carry on has certainly been vindicated and we haven’t looked back.”