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  • Council decision-session another milestone for York Central

    A decision session with council leaders has marked another important step towards unlocking the potential of the York Central site.

    Council leader Ian Gillies and deputy leader Andrew Waller yesterday endorsed the York Central Partnership’s detailed design guide while requesting even higher standards for any development on the 45 hectare site.

    This means the council supports the submission of the guidelines into the formal planning process, which will determine whether the council formally accepts the partnership’s proposed guidelines.
    Key features of the design guide, which will be used to assess any future planning applications on the site, include:

    • carbon emission standards which will exceed CYC policy requirements by over 10%
    • guidance on achieving a whole site sustainable urban drainage scheme, following best practice and meeting the very high standards set by the environment agency.
    • clear guidance on how to prioritise people and cyclists over vehicles.
    • promoting innovative street types, including new ‘play streets’ and communal rooftop areas
    • guidance on the heights and mass of buildings, and what types of materials are appropriate in the context of the existing historic city.

    The councillors made additional requests which would tighten expectations to deliver the highest energy efficiency standards, designing in off-road cycle tracks and promoting pedestrian access, as well as requesting future reports on community facilities within the development.

    Councillor Ian Gillies, leader of City of York Council, said:

    “This is more great news on York Central – a Brownfield site which can be transformed into a fantastic place to live, work and spend time.

    “The York Central Partnership has placed public engagement at the heart of the process to develop these plans, so we’re sure that they will accommodate these changes – all of which respond to feedback we’ve received from voices in York.

    “This is an extremely complicated project and we’re delighted with the progress the partnership has made.”

    Councillor Andrew Waller, deputy leader of City of York Council, said:

    “It is very important that we take sustainability seriously, and live up to all the One Planet York principles.

    “The guide is a very encouraging response to the challenge, and today we have asked the partnership to set the bar even higher.

    “York Central has the potential to revitalise and invigorate our economy. This design guide is an important step towards not just making it happen, but making it work for the whole of York.”

    The finalised design guide will be included in an outline planning application, set to be submitted later this week.

    Cllr Gillies also took the opportunity to feed back details of some correspondence between the council’s leadership and the National Rail Museum. The Museum detailed its recently–completed engagement exercise over access options, and offered to dedicate more land to accommodate pedestrian and cycle access.