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  • Five Reasons to Catch The Bus This Week

    2 – 8th July is Catch the Bus Week and First West Yorkshire Managing Director, Paul Matthews will be on board city services on Thursday 5th July to speak to customer

    Today (2nd July) marks the start of Catch the Bus Week and First West Yorkshire Managing Director, Paul Matthews will be on board services to speak to customers and encourage new users to swap a car journey for a bus trip, this Thursday afternoon.

    There are many benefits to catching the bus – including helping the environment and improving your wellbeing – here’s five top reasons why you should switch a car journey to a bus trip this week.

    A fully loaded bus can take 75 cars off the road – Buses are key to tackling congestion and reducing emissions in the city – and in fact, the latest buses with Euro VI engines, offer 95% to 99% reductions in the most harmful pollutants such as Nitrogen Oxide and particulates against the Euro II and Euro III buses they replace.

    You can now pay for your bus via contactless – Since January First West Yorkshire has been accepting contactless payments across its entire bus fleet – so there’s no need to worry about having the right change for the driver anymore!

    An easy way to burn more calories and get regular exercise – Greener Journeys research found that the daily short walk to and from the bus stop and destination can burn 22,630 calories a year, with daily bus users clocking up the annual equivalent of 11 marathons. Both young and older people both use the bus to get exercise. 58% of 25-34 year olds said the bus made them feel fitter healthier, as did half of those aged 65 or over.

    Getting the bus can be less stressful than travelling by car – Dr Lewis, from the University of Sussex, conducted an experiment in which the heart rate and Electro-Dermal Response (EDR) of 30 commuters was measured when taking identical or similar journeys by car as a driver and by bus as a passenger – the results showed that driving a car is significantly more stressful than travelling by bus.

    Bus travel can make you feel happier – A study of 18,000 British workers by a team at University of East Anglia found commuting that involved some physical activity improved measures like feelings of worthlessness, sleepless nights and unhappiness.

    Paul Matthews, Managing Director from First Wes Yorkshire, said: “For most people the daily commute to work is something to be put up with rather than enjoyed, yet how we get there and how long it takes has an impact on how we feel. The benefits of bus travel can outweigh the daily stresses of commuting by car, so with this week being national Catch the Bus Week, we’d like to encourage drivers to do something different and make at least one journey that would have been made by car, by bus instead. I’ll be on board city services on Thursday afternoon to speak to customers – I hope to see you there!”

    Catch the Bus Week is a nationwide campaign aimed at driving awareness of the benefits of taking the bus. This year, the campaign runs from the 2nd – 8th July and there will be events, ticket giveaways and other activities taking place across the country, with bus companies, local authorities and passenger groups involved.