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  • Fluid handling specialist joins Thorite

    While Thorite is nationally renowned for its expertise in the supply of pneumatic products and systems, the company is equally well-known for its fluid handling expertise. The fluid handling industry is massive – everything from water to semi-solids such as cake mix can be pumped under carefully controlled conditions.

    Thorite’s Fluid Handling Division has been helping customers by providing a range of pumps and associated equipment for a good many years. This is a part of the company which is earmarked for growth so the employment of specialist staff is absolutely vital. A new Business Development Manager has just joined and what Tom Meachin doesn’t know about pumps probably isn’t worth knowing.

    Tom started work as an apprentice repairing pumps and helping with site installations. After a short while in the aerospace industry, he joined a major pump manufacturer as a supervisor. A major career shift followed when Tom joined the Technical Sales team where he stayed until being appointed Area Sales Manager.

    Most of Tom’s leisure time is spent with his family. One of his children is heavily into football which means weekends spent on touchlines as a supporter rather than player.