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  • Switalskis Welcomes a Dozen New Associates

    Switalskis Solicitors has appointed 12 new associates across its 13 Yorkshire offices following the completion of the firm’s first Associate Development Programme.

    The programme was designed to give all staff – not just lawyers – the opportunity to develop their skills in areas including leadership, financial management, client relationship management and communication, and progress to a more senior role within the firm that provides opportunities for involvement in management and business development.

    Developed in partnership with West Yorkshire based AW Leadership, the Switalskis Associate Development Programme (ADP) involved three days of intensive learning followed by practical workplace projects and presentations to the board.

    The programme is based on Action Centred Leadership (ACL), a highly practical leadership tool that enabled delegates to apply their learnings from the three-day training programme to ‘real life’ monitored projects within the business.

    Switalskis Managing Director John Durkan says, “As a growing law firm with an eye firmly on the future delivery of legal services, we have put developing and nurturing talent high on our boardroom agenda. We are focused on providing the best possible service to our clients, which means we need the best lawyers and staff working in our team.

    “I’m incredibly impressed with the ambition and talent within our team, and I’d like to thank all of our new associates for their hard work and commitment to the programme and congratulate them on their well-deserved success. I am thrilled with the success of this first ADP, and we will certainly be running it again in the future.”

    Associate solicitor Sam Spain says, “It has been a real privilege to have successfully completed Switalskis’ first Associate Development Programme. It is a really exciting development for me, for the firm and for the Court of Protection Department. I’m looking forward to working alongside Alex Guy to continue to develop the team and build on my project, promoting and delivering our new and improved litigation support services.”

    Established in 1993, Switalskis Solicitors provides expert legal advice and representation for people and businesses from 13 locations across Yorkshire in more than 18 areas of law including family, medical negligence, catastrophic injury and child abuse law.