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  • Robin Hood joins the club

    The cast of Robin Hood: The Arrow of Destiny joined members of York Theatre Royal’s 1744 Club for its annual lunch at the theatre.

    Actors Neil Reynolds (who plays Robin Hood), Siobhan Athwal (Maid Marian) and Trevor A Toussaint (Friar Tuck) along with artistic director Damian Cruden were guests at the lunch thanking club members for their continued support.

    The 1744 Club – so named because a theatre has been operating on the since 1744 – helps the Theatre Royal to continue and develop its artistic programme and wide-ranging community activity that engages thousands of people each year.

    “The generosity of 1744 Club members gives us a platform on which to build an organisation that continues to offer exciting and relevant theatre to the next generation and beyond,” said Development Manager Caitlin Hazell.

    There are four levels of 1744 Club membership, from as little as £8 a month. All levels offer a variety of benefits that money can’t buy, including invitations to exclusive events and post-show receptions.

    1744 Club member Jane Lockwood, who regularly attends the theatre, explained: “I first became a sponsor, and then a member of the 1744 Club, as a way of contributing – or ‘giving back’ if you like – something to an organisation that has given me so much pleasure over the years.

    “Live theatre, especially one that is so keen to involve the community as the Theatre Royal, is a thing to be treasured because it has the ability to enrich our lives. It can transport you into situations and ideas that you will never experience in ‘real life’.

    “As a member of 1744 Club, I especially enjoy the opportunities to meet actors and directors, see productions in rehearsal – the nuts and bolts of theatre, I suppose.”

    For more information about becoming a 1744 Club member contact Caitlin Hazell on 01904 715460 or email fundraising@yorktheatreroyal.co.uk