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  • The apprenticeship levy as an untapped opportunity for businesses

    At first sight, the apprenticeship levy may seem like another piece of burdensome government legislation.  Look a bit closer and there is method in their perceived madness.  Sometimes, you have to go mad to create change and radical change at that.  The UK is in danger of becoming a low skilled economy as a result of years on underinvestment in employee development.  If this continues, the wider impact will be a poorer performing economy resulting in even lower productivity, wages and standard of living.  That’s the big picture.

    Closer to home, savvy businesses that are taking the time and interest to get to know and understand how the levy works, are seeing the possibilities for the future growth of their business.  The rewards and benefits to be had include greater people performance and engagement, increased productivity and, of course, a positive impact on the bottom line.

    Many businesses, though, still don’t understand how the levy works and the benefits to be had.  If their contributions are left unused, they will be lost.  That seems a shame when there is so much to be gained – a win-win for all.

    If you would like to know more about using the levy and how to address any employment concerns, join Debbie Connors and Mini Setty in collaboration with York St John University on Monday 12th November during York Business Week – click on the following link:


    Debbie Connors is MD at the Connors Company, specialising in people performance and development and Mini Setty is Partner and Head of Employment Law at Langleys.