Thorite welcomes new member to its marketing department

Many of the press releases that are distributed by Thorite discus new products, case studies where we have been able to save energy costs for a customer or the recruitment of key members of staff. Rarely do we have the opportunity to celebrate a new member of staff joining the Marketing Department but today, we can.

Zacharias Petsas, formerly of the Greek armed forces and a highly qualified data analyst has joined the marketing department at our Bradford head office. He said: “This is the ideal job for me. I have always been interested in capturing and analysing data which is what, amongst other tasks, I will be doing here.”

Zac has a wide range of interests outside work. Growing up in New Delhi gave him a taste for travel and he also enjoys cycling, economics and politics. In many respects his work is a major interest and he looking at taking a second Master’s degree in Data Analytics in his spare time.