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  • What resources does your business use to communicate change?

    Chamber member Julie Sykes is looking for help with her less-than-nine-minute survey:


    The Owner of York-based Chamber member RedYellow Marketing, Julie is developing resources to help local businesses communicate change.

    Julie says: “Business change is all around us these days. Whether it’s mergers, restructures, relocations or transformation projects, most of us have been through a major business change at some point in our working lives.”

    Julie’s researching how businesses communicate change now, and finding out where there are gaps in knowledge or a need for extra resources. She then plans to use the insights to develop materials such as templates, skills workshops and online supporting information.

    “I want to help local businesses communicate change better”, she says. “Business change can massively impact you and your customers, employees and other stakeholders, and that impact can be negative if the change isn’t communicated and managed well.”

    Julie’s desire to communicate change well was inspired by several negative experiences early in her career. “I’ve seen how badly change can be handled. Fortunately, I’m now in the lucky position where I advise clients how they can do better. The majority of my work is helping clients communicate change. It helps that I’m someone who actively loves change!”