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  • Winged Wonders Event at Three Hagges Wood-Meadow

    Over 50 young children turned up for a Winged Wonders event at Three Hagges Wood-Meadow near York.   The idea was to explore some of nature’s most colourful and entrancing creatures: butterflies, bees, dragonflies and damselflies as well as to enjoy running in the wood-meadow.

    As well as making bees, dragonflies and butterflies and learning about their lifecycles, children made fine drawings of live insects introduced to them by expert entomologist Andrew Grayson, spotted creatures around the wood-meadow, created finger puppets and participated in the telling of The Crunching Munching Caterpillar story.

    The event was supported by Young Discoverers Nursery based on Escrick Business Park, Escrick who brought the storyteller and a number of their children from their Pre-School with them. Other children came with parents and grandparents.  Geoff Eastwood, a farmer from Skipwith who came with his two granddaughters aged 8 and 5, said “we had a great time with the grandchildren at the Winged Wonders event, doing insect based crafts and spotting different butterflies. Neither had seen a grasshopper before, so that was a bonus.”

    Kathy Wainwright, Nursery Manager from Young Discoverers said “we are proud to be associated with Three Hagges Wood-Meadow and our children and staff are gaining such wonderful experiences as we explore this unique woodland. We look forward to spending many hours exploring the meadow across the changing seasons and hope to encourage more families to befriend Hagges Wood Trust”.

    Emma Daniels, Project Coordinator, Hagge Woods Trust said “It was a wonderful day, it was lovely to see so many children enjoying themselves in the wood-meadow. We are delighted to have formed a new partnership with local business Young Discoverers, which allowed us to stage this event today and educate local children, and adults in the abundant winged wildlife to be found in Three Hagges Wood-Meadow.  Our summer event season is not at an end, however do look out for our events next year.

    The Winged Wonders is one of a series of events organised by Hagge Woods Trust in 2017 offering a chance for the community to enjoy seeing and learning about the wildflowers, trees and creatures that have traditionally been plentiful in our countryside.  Through the wider creation of wood-meadow habitat the Trust hopes more people can continue to enjoy our native wildlife.