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  • York Festival of Ideas

    Join us for York Festival of Ideas 2018. Running from 5 to 17 June, the Festival includes more than 200 mostly FREE events to educate, entertain and inspire. A selection of events is listed below and the full programme can be viewed at yorkfestivalofideas.com.

    Focus Day: Creating Inclusive Economies, Friday 15 June

    Why in the 21st century do we have a more unequal society than ever before? Our Focus Day explores the relationship between economic and political decision-making and the impact of those decisions on the most vulnerable in our society. Working in collaboration with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, we discuss the reasons behind this inequality, the impact it has, and crucially, where the big new ideas on creating inclusive economies lie. Speakers include David Pilling, author of The Growth Delusion; Kate Pickett, author of The Inner Level, sequel to the acclaimed The Spirit Level; and Danny Dorling, author of Peak Inequality: Britain’s Ticking Time Bomb.

    Focus Day: Artificial Intelligence: Promises and perils, Saturday 16 June

    Would you like to find out more about artificial intelligence (AI)? Join us to discuss what we should and shouldn’t be worried about, and what AI might mean for our future health, employment and everyday life.  Our Focus Day includes inspiring talks, discussion, an exhibition and an opportunity to chat with artificially intelligent agents. It is brought to you in collaboration with the Assuring Autonomy International Programme, a £12 million initiative funded by Lloyd’s Register Foundation and the University of York to spearhead research, training and standards in the safety of robotics and autonomous systems (RAS). Speakers include Charlotte Stix, of the Leverhulme Centre, Gurch Randhawa of the University of Bedfordshire, Robert Oates of Rolls-Royce and John McDermid of the University of York.

    Focus Day: Re-imagining the City, Sunday 17 June

    Which cities work and which don’t? Why? How can we ensure good growth through design? Our special Focus Day, which is supported by the University of York through the Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) and by York Science Park, explores the possibilities for ‘re-imagining the city’. Join us as our expert speakers discuss how architecture, technology and transport underpin urban living and how they impact on the environment, our lives, health and happiness. Speakers include Alison Brooks, Alison Brooks Architects; Patrik Schumacher, Principal, Zaha Hadid Architects; Stephen Joseph, Executive Director of Campaign for Better Transport; Harbinder Birdi, Head of Infrastructure and Transport at Hawkins\Brown; Riccardo Marini, Founder of Marini Urbanismo; and Clare Wright, Founding Partner at Wright & Wright Architects.

    Cryptocurrency: Hype or technological revolution? Saturday 9 June

    Do cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology signal the beginning of an entirely new global financial model? Featuring the internationally recognised World Wide Web pioneer Bebo White, our event explores the past, present and (possible) future of these phenomena. Chaired by BBC Technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones, our expert panel also includes the author David Gerard, and writer and commentator Frances Coppola.

    Imagining Sustainable Electronics, Monday 11 June

    University of York scientists present an interactive workshop investigating a technology we are all reliant on – mobile phones. Dismantle phones, inspect their components and discuss where the materials are sourced and discarded. Learn why technologies are much more than just hardware and how an awareness of their ramifications enables us to design for a better future.

    The Shape of Things to Come? Life in the quantum age, Monday 11 June

    Quantum properties are often perceived as futuristic. In reality, we already enjoy many technologies reliant on quantum mechanics, including lasers, superconductors and MRI scanners. Our panel of experts discuss quantum applications that will transform everyday life in the future, from driverless vehicles to supercomputers that can develop and test drugs outside the lab.

    Paradise Found: How one place can work for everybody, Tuesday 12 June

    York is a great place to live, work and visit with a vibrant economy, strong community and healthy environment. But how can the city support and enhance people’s health, wellbeing and prosperity in the future? Join in the discussion as leading thinkers set out their ideas for a healthier city for all alongside workshops exploring practical action.

    The Business of World Cup Football, Tuesday 12 June

    The Soccer World Cup is one of the most popular sporting events across the globe. Management historians Kevin Tennent and Alex Gillett – the Soccer-Mad Boffins – explain the organisation and marketing of some of the most successful world cups in history. Chaired by Greg Dyke, former Chairman of the Football Association, this event sheds new light on the ideas and vision for the promotion of global mega events.

    What Works for Women at Work: Four patterns working women need to know Wednesday 13 June

    Hidden bias affects men, women, and diverse employees, and can adversely affect the overall atmosphere and culture of an organisation. Join us for a dynamic talk by author Joan C. Williams to learn about the challenges women and diverse employees face in today’s workplace and the data-driven strategies that will help them succeed. Joan will provide concrete steps for employees (men and women alike) to help everyone – including organisations as a whole – perform and succeed at the highest level.

    Cycling City: Why aren’t we there yet? Wednesday 13 June

    Half of Copenhageners hop on their bike every day. In Cambridge over a third of people pedal the city streets, while in the Dutch city of Groningen 60 per cent of all journeys are made by cycle. By contrast in York just 15 per cent of people regularly use a bike to get around. Why aren’t more people tempted to cycle? Rachel Aldred of the University of Westminster helps us re-imagine York as a true cycling city.

    York Design Awards Walking Trail, Friday 15 and Saturday 16 June

    A unique opportunity to visit York Design Award-winning buildings from the first 11 years of the scheme – including some hidden gems. Join architects and Peter Brown, former Director of York Civic Trust, for our walking trails around the city centre.

    York Design Awards: Winners presentation, Monday 25 June (Post Festival event)

    Join us for the 12th annual York Design Awards presentation in categories covering residential, community and commercial buildings, and open spaces. York Design Awards promotes excellence in architectural design and conservation in the York area. Good sustainable design and conservation support the city’s special heritage and contribute to the well-being of its residents and visitors.