Submitting Articles

West & North Yorkshire Business receives many press releases each week. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all content submitted by members can be published.

What is a Press Release?

A proper press release is a succinct, comprehensive account of an upcoming news occurrence; a timely report of an occasion that has just happened; notification of essential personnel or procedural changes in an organisation.

What we need.

Could all press releases be sent to

Copy should be no less than 200 words.

Please, could all press releases be accompanied by at least one high-resolution image, if not it will not be published online, considered for social media or published in the print version of the magazine.

Pictures preferably should be of people not places, and avoid using stock imagery.

If using stock imagery you must have the appropriate licence.

We will not publish promotional materials, for example, flyers, advertisements or text solely related to selling a product/products.