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  • B&M Waste commit to further investment in food recycling technology across the North West

    Shortly after introducing their state-of-the-art, hybrid food collection vehicles in Birmingham, Carbon Neutral B&M Waste Services have continued to grow their food waste collection service across the whole of the North West.

    The waste management company has invested in waste collection vehicles with a top specification. The Toploader 28 vehicle with side lift on a Scania chassis has a Euro 6 engine, meaning the truck is optimised to reduce levels of harmful exhaust emissions, making it an environmentally friendly solution, which follows B&M Waste’s Carbon Neutral ethos and green credentials.

    The introduction of this new equipment ensures that businesses can enjoy a greener service when it comes to their food waste; collected by B&M Waste in their brand new vehicles, the waste is then taken to an anaerobic digestion facility where it is processed to generate Biogas. This is very much in line with B&M’s commitment to zero waste to landfill.

    According to the waste regulations introduced in 2014, TEEP advises that business generating a significant amount of food waste dispose of it separately from their general waste, avoiding contamination and ensuring it can be appropriately processed for a greener solution.

    Mick Ashall, Director at B&M Waste said; “Following Michael Gove’s paper outlining the Government’s desire to further reduce the country’s waste output and increase recycling, the goal is to reduce food waste entirely, however where food waste is produced, the best solution is anaerobic digestion. This alternative avoids food waste going to landfill where it would emit methane, which is a greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming. Anaerobic digestion produces Biogas – fuel, thus turning a negative into a positive.”

    B&M Waste Director, Graham Curtis, continued; “We’re so pleased to be able to further develop our food waste collection service in a way that’s environmentally-conscious, yet still competitive and effective for our customers. From the Euro 6 engine, to the tablet technology used by our operatives to track their routes, we’re committed to investing in the future of recycling-led waste management.”

    You can learn more about B&M Waste’s food recycling service here.