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  • B&M Waste Services launch paper cup recycling programme

    B&M Waste’s ongoing commitment to aiding businesses in recycling more of their waste has led to their latest initiative of recycling paper cups.

    The Carbon Neutral Waste minimisation, reuse and recycling company work with businesses to provide waste management strategies and tailored segregation and recycling options. The new paper cup Recycling Service sees paper cups collected by businesses in re-used cup delivery boxes, and couriered back to B&M Waste for subsequent 100% recycling of the cups, and cardboard box alike.

    Neil Curtis, Managing Director at B&M Waste said “Whilst our main focus is on waste minimisation strategies when working with businesses, we understand the cultural change required to stop the use of single use paper cups is not yet widespread. With that in mind it’s far better environmentally for these paper cups to be recycled than be processed for energy recovery, or worse still be sent to a landfill site. We urge consumers to insist upon reusable cups for their daily coffee, to alleviate the need for this service entirely as this is the ideal solution for the environment.”

    Those wishing to know more about the scheme and request a free waste audit can visit www.bagnallandmorris.com/cups