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  • Bradford’s Red Box Project welcomes donation from local accountants

    Accountancy firm, Watson Buckle, has made a kind donation of two boxes full of sanitary products to a charity that helps young women throughout schools in the local area.

    The Red Box Project is a campaign that aims to ensure that teenage girls don’t miss out on education because they don’t have access to sanitary products.

    Thousands of girls spend time away from school because they cannot afford or access the sanitary products they require.

    As a firm that places a lot of value in education and training, Watson Buckle felt strongly compelled to support the Red Box Project and so asked staff to buy and donate products to the project.

    Thanks to their efforts the team managed to fill two large boxes with a range of sanitary products, which will now be sent to more than 200 schools in the local area.

    Selina Armitage, Corporate Services Manager at Watson Buckle, said: “We wanted to support young people throughout their periods by providing red boxes filled with free sanitary products to minimise the loss of education these young women suffer due to ‘period poverty’.  Educating the next generation is extremely important in our local community and we like to do our part to help where we can.”

    “This was once an underappreciated issue, but there is now a growing movement to end so-called ‘period poverty’ and we are so glad that we can play some part in it.”

    To find out more about the Red Box Project in Bradford, please visit www.facebook.com/redboxprojectbradford