secures Barclays partnership as part of ‘seamless’ tech upgrade

Recycling and waste experts has teamed up with Barclays to facilitate its technology-based waste management service, it has announced today.

The York-based firm, which was launched in 2015, specialises in waste collection and reducing environmental waste impact by using its own technology to make waste management affordable for business customers – with a remit to reduce sending any waste to landfill.

The company uses proprietary technology to meet the complex legal and logistical requirements of safe, environmentally friendly waste disposal. Barclays banking technology proved an ideal addition for the business, allowing them to integrate their business processes more efficiently and therefore streamline the time taken to perform its 15,000+ waste collections per week.

One such timesaving measure included utilising the Barclaycard payment and Barclays direct debit facility, ensuring that Business Waste’s 10,000+ customers can perform seamless payments – a key consideration for a firm on track to turn over £10 million in 2019.

David Adams, Managing Director, Business Waste Limited said: “Supporting the local economy in the North is a crucial part of what we do and we are proud to have made this move to Barclays, allowing us to meet our business goals for 2019 and onwards.

“We launched the business with just three employees, with the mission of disposing of waste in an environmentally friendly way. We’ve grown quickly but with the aim of doing so sustainably, and to have Barclays’ technological capability available to us will be a great asset in doing just that. The business back end is predominantly web-based so quick turnaround times are crucial for us to secure new contracts and clients, which the Barclays systems support.

Growth is a key area for the business, which supports the local economy in York and Barclays is now a key strategic partner to achieving this. The business aims to employ 65 members of staff by the end of 2019 – including 20 apprentices in its finance, logistics, and customer care departments.

Kevin Peart, Relationship Director for Barclays in North Yorkshire commented: “David and his team really impressed me with their slick and efficient operations and their ambitious growth plans. This fast growth business is using innovation to expand their operations and we look forward to supporting them with their plans to take this business to the next level.”