Experience and experiments for pupils visiting chemical company

One West Yorkshire chemical company experienced a day like no other when it hosted a class of eight-year olds at its site in Cross Hills.

As part of its strategy to engage with the local community and inspire interest in STEM subjects, Airedale Chemical invited the year four pupils from Sutton-in-Craven Community Primary School on site for an insight into the workings of a modern chemical company.

They were treated to use of its research and development laboratory where experiments included making a volcano and creating a rainbow of colours using capillary action.

Pupils were also allowed to explore one of the company’s specially designed fleet vehicles and see products being packaged and prepared for shipping.

Mrs Forster, year four teacher at the school, said: “Any learning that takes place outside the classroom is extremely valuable and is a really effective tool in better understanding the curriculum.

“To experience life in a real working environment and understand more about the chemicals around us has been very beneficial and really boosted the children’s understanding of science and chemistry.”

Two pupils also took home their own chemistry sets as winners of a quiz designed to test what they had learned on the day.

Daniel Marr, Airedale Chemical commercial director, added: “We work in the chemical industry day in and day out so these visits from the school children help open our eyes and remember that we do here is incredibly interesting. Each department has so much experience and knowledge to share and the pupils are so engaged it makes for a great relationship.

“The enthusiasm and energy the students bring with them never fails to impress us. They have so many interesting questions that they really keep us on our toes.”

The visit marks the third year of Airedale Chemical’s partnership with Sutton-in-Craven Community Primary School which forms part of the Airedale Foundation’s outreach programme supporting local community causes. Past activities have included a £500 donation of science-related books and competitions to mark International School Library Month.

Airedale Chemical was established in 1973 and provides chemicals and contract manufacturing to markets including agriculture, dairy, water treatment and waste management.

To find out more about Airedale Chemical visit www.airedalechemical.com.