Exploring negotiation and decision-making and APM Yorkshire branch

APM Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire branch are delivering this great event with speaker Claire Smith, hosted at: Leeds Becket University,City Campus – Rosebowl Building, Leeds, LS1 3HB.

Negotiating treaties with communists and talking to the Taleban, forces you to negotiate with people who do not share your mindset, values and background. On a daily basis, problem-solving requires negotiation.

Can you adopt a project management approach to negotiation; time/cost/benefit and achieve all three? What are the differences between your short, medium and long-term objectives? Do you adopt a transactional or relationship approach? Does Best and Final Offer apply, can you walk away, or must you stay? What transferable skills can you take from international relations that apply to project and megaproject management?

This is a short presentation with food for thought, followed by a question and answer discussion.

Claire Smith was a UK diplomat for 27 years. During that time, she negotiated with a wide range of people around the world, often in extreme circumstances.

In a highly unconventional career, she also worked for a major Swiss bank, the German Foreign Ministry and the UK Cabinet Office. Since leaving the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Claire reinvented herself and now runs her own consultancy.

Claire is also a visiting speaker on postgraduate programmes at several UK universities; has been chair of governors at a primary school in the London Borough of Newham, and now at an independent boarding school; a non-executive director at a UK consultancy; and a member of a UK government appeals panel.

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