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  • Hospital patients get quicker access to social care

    Patients and their relatives can get on-site help from a team of adult social care experts for any support needed to help them prepare to leave hospital and when they are back home.

    Talking Points will open for monthly sessions at York Hospital from 26 March 2019. Drop-in support will be available between 2-3:45pm on 26 March, 9 April, 28 May, 25 June and 23 July for patients or relatives/friends of patients who are in hospital.

    The Talking Point team can be found at the entrance to Ellerby’s Restaurant on the ground floor at Junction 2. Staff will be available for face-to-face conversations which allow them to provide timely, appropriate advice and support to residents about a variety of adult social care issues.

    The hospital Talking Point is the latest addition to adult social care in York, allowing people to be seen quickly to discuss social care needs for themselves or their family. The original Talking Point opened at Lidgett Grove ‘Church Community Cafe, Acomb in March 2018, with an additional Talking Points opening shortly after at Oaken Grove in Haxby. Every month, people can also speak with expert social care staff York Explore on Museum Street.

    So far, people using the service have expressed over 95% satisfaction with the outcome of their conversations and actions taken, with all saying they would recommend Talking Points.

    Further Talking Points will continue to open across the city as the programme develops.

    Melanie Liley, deputy chief operating officer, York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust said: “Delivering care and joined up services in partnerships is essential for our local health and care system so that we can become better at helping people.

    “I am delighted to see Talking Point introduced at York Hospital as this will support the discharge process. Providing timely, appropriate advice and support about a variety of adult social care issues will offer our staff, visitors and patients the support they need to stay healthy and age well.”

    Cllr Carol Runciman, executive member for health and adult social care said: “Talking Point is one of our most successful ideas: it helps people find the help and support they need using the wealth of resources in the city.

    “Opening Talking Point at the hospital means patients will be able to get back and settle at home more quickly with the effective and appropriate support we can help them find.”

    Cllr Keith Myers, executive member for children and education, said: “Alongside the terrific work of Talking Point in Acomb, Haxby and York Explore, I’m delighted to see this new one at the hospital.

    “It is a welcome addition to our early help and prevention work which also helps people live independently for longer.”

    Find out more about where and when you can visit Talking Point at www.york.gov.uk/TalkingPoint.