Housing group hosts international students visit

Three Hong Kong university students are spending time getting a unique insight into the work of one of the north’s biggest housing associations.

The visit to Incommunties has been organised through the City University of Hong Kong and during their stay the post graduate students – Yilin Zhang, ShuPeng Luo and Jie Zhao – are learning more about UK housing policies and how local services are delivered.

The students are studying for a Masters in housing studies and their visit is the product of an international development partnership that Incommunities’ Group Chief Executive Geraldine Howley has forged with academics from City University.

During their nine-day visit the students will learn more about Incommunities approach to investing in young people through learning and development programmes such as GEM and apprenticeships. They will also spend time shadowing staff delivering customer services, the group’s new homes programme and it’s legal and governance work.

Yilin Zhang said: “The visit is proving invaluable in finding out more about the different way housing services are provided and we’re also learning about the impact of national government policy on Incommunities’ work and their customers.

“It’s also been great to learn more about the GEM programme which helps young graduates like ourselves build successful careers in housing.”

Incommunities’ Group Chief Executive, Geraldine Howley said: “We are delighted to be hosting these international students and share with them the UK housing approach and how we deliver our services locally.

“The students have come with a lot of knowledge of housing policy and practices in Hong Kong and are very interested to learn more about how we do things in the UK.

“As well as being a great sharing experience their visit further develops our growing international links with sector partners and academic bodies.”                 

The students will round off their visit by attending the national Chartered Institute of Housing Conference in Manchester next week.