How York company is set to improve workplace productivity and wellbeing by up-skilling line managers

A coaching and training business has recently launched in York with the aim of supporting line managers to have more skill in dealing with the challenges and complexity of managing people at work.

Being a manager is one of the toughest parts of any job and more often than not comes without any training to deal with the complexities that arise in teams. The upshot is that small issues escalate into bigger ones causing a lot of stress and frustration for both managers and team members.

Debbie Connors, executive coach with a background in HR, recently set up HR School to give line managers the soft skills to operate with more skill, influence and understanding of basic human behaviour.  The benefits of increased line management capability include having a positive impact on employee morale, productivity and performance.

HR School will commence one and half day courses from September that run out of Grimston House in Deighton and the beautiful premises of Morley Glass in Leeds.

As more business are seeing the value of providing coaching to support employee performance and wellbeing, HR School is delighted to announce the opening of a coaching space in Fulford, York.  This will be a great asset to York businesses that want to invest in supporting their employees.

Founder, Debbie Connors, believes that in order to reduce levels of stress at work and tackle low productivity in the UK, that skilled management through coaching and training is a key part of the solution.

She added “I am regularly asked by managers “how do I influence people? How do I motivate others? How do I get people to perform better?” These are really valid questions.  The good news is that it is possible to teach and coach people the soft skills needed to motivate, influence and achieve higher levels of performance.  And get enjoyment out of managing a team too!”

For details about HR School and its founder, visit or call 07485 046048