IVE to deliver new Applied Creativity Labs

IVE’s Applied Creativity Labs (ACLs) enable children and young people to work with experts using creativity skills to find innovative solutions to real world challenges.

‘ “What we have concluded,” wrote Land, “is that non-creative behavior is learned.” ‘
(Source: George Land and Beth Jarman, Breaking Point and Beyond. San Francisco: HarperBusiness, 1993)

To date IVE’s ACL activities have been successfully tried and tested with adults in businesses, including Altrad, IBM, the ECITB and school staff teams where we have helped develop a more creative mind-set amongst staff, incorporating imagination, a drive to be inquisitive and the confidence to take controlled risks. They have learned how to generate new ideas and execute them through others; to apply creativity in a range of different contexts and for different purposes; and to nurture and develop the creative capacities of the people they lead.

We now plan to take this training into schools to enable children and young people to re-establish their creativity mind-set and actively contribute positively to society. The first Applied Creativity Lab for children and young people will focus on air pollution in Leeds.  Through our Applied Creativity Lab process we want to give children and young people in Leeds schools new creativity skills that:

  • Help them think divergently
  • Develop their problem-solving skills
  • Help them think freely and more creatively
  • Develop their resilience, confidence and independence
  • Develop their team work
  • Develop their ability to innovate.

Connecting them up with experts over three days (spread over three months), we will help them to apply their new creativity skills to develop innovative solutions to the very serious local (and global) problem of air pollution in Leeds caused by traffic emissions.

  • Session 1 will be our creativity training for children and young people, teachers and experts to help them develop problem solving skills, resilience, innovation, team work etc
  • Session 2 will be more creativity training focussed on developing strategies for identifying solutions in small groups.  They will then go away and work these ideas up in school with support on hand from expert mentor/business.
  • Session 3 will see each group pitch to ‘dragons den’ style to experts and peers.

The best projects will go forward for further development via further business/sponsorship/crowdfunding support


For more information, to get involved or to take part please contact Sarah Mumford: sarah@weareive.org