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  • Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Awards celebrate innovation through collaboration

    Applying the UK’s world-class research expertise to real-world challenges, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) have been transforming businesses in the UK for over 40 years. From developing brand new polymers, to generating electricity from waste, the projects in this year’s KTP Best of the Best Awards demonstrate the breadth and depth of positive outcomes resulting from these unique partnerships.

    The quality and diversity of entries also reflects the KTP programme itself, which spans all sectors and can benefit organisations of every size, right across the UK. 

    The shortlist for the awards includes Scotland-based Geckotech Solutions’ collaboration with Glasgow Caledonian University to develop AI/Deep Learning and VR services to improve transport inspection and monitoring methods; Gloucester Wildlife Trust’s partnership with the University of the West of England which resulted in the new national environment benchmark, Building with Nature. 

    Also on the shortlist are Spirent Communications and the University of Bath for their project, demonstrating how GPS simulation in a university research endeavour can result in a commercial product that enhances human safety.  Also finalists, Principle Healthcare’s partnership with the University of Bradford, which resulted intransformative change – both in financial performance and supply safety – by developing in-house granulation technology. 

    Finalists and winners will attend a special Awards Ceremony on 2nd May whereInnovate UK’s Interim Executive Chair, Dr Ian Campbell,and Clive Grinyer, Design Advocate, will give a keynote speech.

    KTP aims to help businesses improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills held within the UK knowledge base.  The Knowledge Transfer Network delivers the KTP programme for Innovate UK, funded by UK Research and Innovation as part of the government’s Industrial Strategy.

    Further information about KTPs is here and applications for funding are open all year round. 



    Engineering Excellence Award


    ·     Company: Spirent Communications Plc; KB: University of Bath; Associate: Dr Talini Pinto Jayawardena

    Project: Development of threat simulation capability for satellite navigation

    ·     Company: LMK Thermosafe Ltd, KB: Queen Mary, University of London; Associate:Harshit Porwal

    Project: Developing graphene-based conductive polymer with pyro-resistant properties

    ·     Company: Geckotech Solutions Ltd; KB: Glasgow Caledonian University; Associate:Dr Mark Jenkins

    Project: Data acquisition and software using AI, Deep Learning and VR to improve structural monitoring  


    Business Impact Award


    ·     Company: Principle Healthcare; KB: the University of Bradford; KTP Associate, Dr Suyog Aher

    Project: Development of in-house granulation technology 

    ·      Company: BemroseBooth Paragon Ltd, KB: University of Hull,Associate: Mr Haydn J. Ward

    Project: Production expansion and international development of market for magnetic ink in mass ticketing systems

    ·      Company: Recycling Lives Ltd, KB – University of Central Lancashire,Associate – Dr Ala Khodier

    Project: Innovative reuse of residue from car recycling 


    Best KTP Partnership


    ·      Company: Toffeln Ltd; KB: University of Salford; Associate:Jenny Anderson

    Project: Embedding applied research function in to new product development for footwear in harsh environments

    ·      Company: Geckoteck Solutions Ltd; KB: Glasgow Caledonian University; Associate: Dr Mark Jenkins

    Project: Data acquisition and software using AI, Deep Learning and VR to improving structural monitoring  

    ·     Company: Gloucester Wildlife Trust; KB University of West of England; Associate: Dr Gemma Jerome

    Project:Development of Green Infrastructure consultancy


    Outstanding Contribution from a Knowledge Base KTP Support Team

    Sponsored by Ashorne Hill [ https://www.ashornehill.co.uk]


    ·     University of Nottingham

    ·     University of Essex

    ·     Queen’s University Belfast


    Best Future Innovator

    This award is for the KTP Associate – a graduate or post-graduate who acts as the project manager for the KTP, liaising between the academic and company teams – whose contribution was deemed to be exceptional. 


    ·      Simon Kingston(Associate), Company: EventMap Ltd;KB: University of Nottingham

    ·     Sean Howson(Associate), Company:  Mainstream Measurements Ltd, KB: University of Huddersfield

    ·      Ryan Jessop (Associate), Company: Clicksco UK Ltd, KB: Durham University

    ·      Radovan Gallo(Associate), Company: Sarissa Biomedical Ltd, KB: Aston University

    ·     Xiaojing Zhu (Associate), Company:RGH Rubber & Plastics Ltd,KB: University of Hertfordshire