Leeds Arts University students are ‘Celebrating Leeds’ in city exhibition

Twenty-four students from Leeds Arts University celebrate the best of Leeds in ‘Celebrating Leeds’, an exhibition custom-designed for the glass atrium of the Central Square building next to Leeds Railway Station.

Students from the BA (Hons) Visual Communication course have used photography, video, illustration and sculpture to create positive responses to the city in which they live and study. The results are as varied as the students themselves, and include visual celebrations of venues, charities, restaurants, performers, buildings, local history and more.

Leeds is known as a great city for students and this presentation shows how widely their interests and involvement are spread. The exhibition aims to leave visitors knowing more about the city than when they arrived, and gives information on how to visit and/or take part in all the activities shown.

Students have engaged enthusiastically with all aspects of the project:

“Music has been an integral part of my life for the past 11 years. Having to leave my orchestra at home was really sad, but Leeds University Union Music Society (LUUMS) has provided a home from home and I wanted to show how important it is to have this society for young musicians”. Claire Tuton

“This project has pushed me to expand my skills and try something new, by celebrating Barbara Hepworth I was encouraged out of my comfort zone to create a sculptural piece, which has proven to me that I can do well in new areas of art that I hadn’t previously explored”. Ethan Carney

“Sharing and promoting the things that inspire you and bring you joy isn’t just great for the people behind those things, who work so hard and deserve to be celebrated. It’s also great for the audience, who maybe wouldn’t be aware of the whole variety of organisations/venues etc. on display here”. Robyn Clements

The event was jointly developed by tutors from the University and the building management team at Central Square, all of whom wanted to give students a public platform to show their work. The students taking part come from all three years of the course and they have gained extremely valuable skills from creating content for such a high-profile venue.