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  • Leeds workshop invites businesses’ views on skills needs and graduate talent

    What skills do our industries really need? Where do we find the best graduates? Are we losing our regional talent to London or other regions? These are questions that are addressed time and again by industry reports and echoed by the business media. Whereas past business grumbles often revolved around levels of graduate literacy, soft skills and basic common sense, concerns have now shifted towards how well equipped candidates ‘fresh from university’ are for the data-driven, quantitative world of 21st century work, and how closely students’ interests and career choices match the skills demands of employers, regions and sectors.

    Companies themselves, grappling with economic uncertainty and trying to keep pace with rapid technological and societal change, struggle to foresee what skills their future workforce will need. Trying to strategically plan for future business transformation is a complex and challenging task. Businesses will look to universities to signal ways forward by providing innovations in business research which are reflected in higher education curricula. Universities play a key role in supporting business by supplying a talent pipeline of high quality graduates who have benefitted from improvements in the teaching of employability skills and provision of career support. Strong links with employers are needed to further enhance graduates’ employability and meet business needs.

    Recognising the challenges facing both companies and new graduates, Leeds University Business School is hosting a one-day workshop to discuss graduate talent requirements and how this is impacting recruitment and the workforce. The workshop will take place on Friday 17 May at the Park Plaza Hotel in Leeds with a range of professionals from the public and private sectors. Businesses of all sizes and stages are encouraged to join the conversation and have their say.

    To put the current graduate labour market into context, bringing evidence rather than common myths, the University of Leeds will share data on its graduate employment destinations (geographic and sector) and career interests. Tristram Hooley from the Institute of Student Employers will also offer a national perspective about how employers bring entry level hires into their companies.

    Current trends in the workplace will be explored, with quantitative and data analytics skills a strong theme of the day. Simon Gallacher from the Nuffield Foundation will explain how their national Q-Step programme develops the quantitative capabilities of those studying degrees in traditionally ‘low-quants’ subjects.

    Businesses attending the event will also hear from organisations offering student placements, and from placement students themselves, to find out how they work and what benefits they can expect to gain.

    The interactive afternoon workshop is a chance for businesses to come and talk about the most important skills that they need right now and think they will need in the future, as well as the challenges and opportunities in meeting the skills needs of today’s business environment.

    There is no charge to attend and lunch will be provided.

    To find out more and register: https://employer-needs.eventbrite.co.uk/

    Any queries can be emailed to Naomi Colhoun: n.colhoun@leeds.ac.uk