Local housebuilder praises loyal employees with a collective 180 years of service

Local housebuilder, Barratt Developments Yorkshire East, which includes the Barratt Homes and David Wilson Homes brands, is celebrating a collective 180 years of service amongst eight of its employees.

To celebrate each individual’s ongoing commitment to the company, they were invited to the Barratt Long Service Awards Dinner, which was held in London, and presented with a gift to thank them for their dedication and loyalty.

Celebrating between 20 – 35 years each, the award-winning housebuilder is marking the achievements of Ron Childs, Labourer, Paul Wharam, Technical Director, Simon Allerston Site Manager, Phil Johnson, Joiner, David Thompson, Joiner, Michael Craven, Forklift Driver, Steve Ward, Patcher and Michael Bryan, Bricklayer.

Daniel Smith, Managing Director at Barratt Developments Yorkshire East, commented: “We take great pride in celebrating all of our employees as they are the ones that have helped us to achieve a five-star status for ten years running, and we of course want to retain our talented team. The dedication and hard work that our most long-serving employees have shown is outstanding and I would like to personally extend my thanks to them. Ron, Paul, Simon, Phil, David, Michael, Steve and Michael are all highly valued employees and assets to the business; we are incredibly proud to have them as a part of the team.”

For more information about Barratt Developments please visit: www.barrattdevelopments.co.uk