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    Tudor International explain what a EORI number is and why you need one to export outside Europe.

    What is an EORI Number?

    If you are involved in the movement of goods outside of the European Union, there is a good chance your logistics provider has requested your EORI number. But what does this term mean, how do you obtain an EORI number and why is it needed? We hope to explain the EORI number for you below.

    When was the EORI system created

    The Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) system was born on 1 July 2009. It replaced the old system, formerly known as the Trader’s Unique Reference Number (TURN).

    Who needs an EORI number?

    An EORI number is required if you are involved in the import, export or movement of goods within a transport procedure. You would also need this if you were providing pre-arrival or pre-departure information for goods. An entity will need an EORI number if it is looking to import or export goods outside of the EU.

    How do you obtain an EORI number?

    Here’s the million dollar question. If importers and exporters in Europe are hoping to trade outside the EU then they must apply through filling out an application form, though the form may vary depending on whether the entity is:

    1) Registered for VAT

    2) Not VAT registered and the entity is importing

    3) Not VAT registered and the entity is exporting

    Importers can use this link to apply.

    Exporters can use this link to apply.

    What will an EORI number look like?

    In the UK, an EORI number will start with the letters ‘GB’ and is then followed by a 12-digit number which will be based upon the trader’s VAT number. If a business has a UK VAT number already, they can check to see if the EORI number has linked by clicking here.

    What could happen if an importer doesn’t have an EORI number?

    The bad news is, if you don’t have an EORI number then the customs authorities are more than likely to take possession of the consignment until your business is able to display an EORI number. You should be aware that an EORI number is an obligation regardless of whether the consignment is to be delivered by sea freight or air freight. Please note that you must apply for one EORI number for each country the business is established in.

    What’s the process once you have applied?

    Once you have sent off the form, it usually takes around three working days to receive confirmation. You’ll receive your EORI number via email, be aware that you should check your spam folder if you can’t find the email in your inbox.  You should then give the number to your logistics provider and they will then use it when making customs declarations on your behalf.