Luto Research proud to deliver a Day in the Industry event in Collaboration with the Ahead Partnership.

30 students from Crofton Academy got an opportunity to understand and experience the day to day dealings of the global medical communication business on Thursday 17th of October.

Luto, based in Pudsey, led the Day in the Industry event at its Dawsons House research facility. The company moved to Pudsey in 2018 and have spent the last year developing the building and creating a research facility with meeting rooms and event space. Luto are keen to be part of the community around them. Offering support to a great cause, the Farsley Celtic Football Club sponsored the Day in the Industry event by providing catering.


Rob Winterbottom from the Farsley Celtic Football Club says: “It’s a pleasure for Farsley Celtic to be able to support this event by providing a healthy and nutritious lunch for the students and staff.  We work with a number of companies within the community and are looking forward to working in partnership with Luto as we both move forward. “


Penny Roberts Head of Business Development at Luto said: “Our team were delighted to welcome students into the world of medical writing and communication. We put together some interesting activities for which we received fantastic feedback – which made it all worthwhile!”


There is a lot of background work involved in bringing new medicine onto the markets, most of which is never discussed or promoted. Young people are not aware of the vast number of career options within the health communications industry, therefore Luto and the Ahead Partnership have teamed up to run a Day in the Industry and invited close to 30 students from the Crofton Academy to attend Luto’s offices in Pudsey.

Crofton Academy students took part in activities very closely imitating the tasks Luto teams undertake on daily basis. The planned activities aimed to offer an understanding of what life is like in a pharmaceutical communications company and illustrated why Luto’s work is important in ensuring the safety of medicine users.


Luto staff started off the day by talking to the students about their varied educational backgrounds merging within one company, dispelling the idea that you need to have a pharmaceutical background to work within the industry.


Students got to practice Luto’s key area of work – rewriting hard to understand medicine leaflets using easy-to-read and simple wording – by taking part in various activities designed around simplifying medical language. Later, they put this into practice by taking part in a readability testing simulation held at Luto’s new Fab Lab and Viewing Suite.


Design in the industry session was led by Luto’s in-house graphic design studio manager, Li-Chin Ni. She illustrated how important clear and legible design of images and text layout is to the proper understanding of the content of a medicine leaflet. The students also got a chance to work collaboratively to design their own logo using the same design software used by Li-Chin.