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  • Roberts Mart announces new range of sustainable packaging

    The Leeds-based Roberts Mart and Co Ltd, the UK’s leading independent manufacturer and supplier of flexible packaging, has announced a new range of sustainable products.

    This timely initiative comes in response to growing fears about the effect plastic has on the global environment.

    Ben Roberts, sales director of Roberts Mart, explained: “We are acutely aware of the importance of protecting the environment and of reducing plastic waste. For example, flexible packaging saves resources, such as food and product waste, that occurs on the way to the store and while on display.

    “Equally importantly, it is crucial to understand that the problem is not plastics, which benefit both society and the environment. The problem is about how we treat plastic waste, which is a valuable and recyclable resource.  Plastics themselves make a massive contribution to reducing the UK’s carbon footprint, they minimise food waste and they save energy,” he commented.

    “We are now announcing a range of solutions and alternative options designed to meet the current challenges. In a nutshell, our new range of sustainable packaging is designed to minimise plastic waste to protect the environment,” he added.

    The new range comprises PCR Shrink Films; Recyclable Laminates and Pouches; Compostables; and Heat Sealable Papers. Respectively, they are branded reform; envirm; green form; and Paper Form.

    Ben Roberts explained: “Promoting a truly circular economy, we are able to produce both plain and printed collation shrink films which contain a percentage of recycled material and are deemed recyclable.

    “At the same time, we now have a range of single plastic alternatives to complex multi-material non-recyclable laminates, which can used in an array of applications where good barrier and sealing properties are required. These materials can be recycled with carrier bags in store and with some kerbside collection schemes

    “Our compostable sustainable laminate options are partly made from renewable non-fossil fuel-based resources, which reduce reliance on petrochemicals and can be returned back to nature after use. They are also available in a paper feel effect for organic and artisan applications. We are working towards the Plastic Pact by eliminating and replacing plastics which would otherwise potentially end up in landfill.

    “Finally, we have a choice of heat sealable papers which are designed to run on conventional packing lines. These materials are a plastic free alternative to common mixed material and can be supplied with various barrier properties. All these papers can include the paper recycling logo and are also available in compostable options,” he added.

    Roberts Mart, which was founded by William Roberts in Leeds in 1852 and is run by the sixth generation of the Roberts family, supplies a vast range of shrink wrap, laminated film and high-quality printed flexible packaging to clients in the food and drink, home textiles (including duvets) and paper products industries.

    William began trading as a paper merchant in Lady Lane, Leeds, making handmade bags, before moving into commercial printing.

    Co-directors William and Ben Roberts are following in the footsteps of their father and chairman John who has been given an Outstanding Contribution award by the British Printing Industries Federation after over 50 years’ service with the company. He handed over the day-to-day management in 2009 to his two sons but remains active in the business.

    Ben Roberts concluded: “It is absolutely right that we should be outraged by what is happening to marine life in the ocean because of plastic pollution. It is unacceptable. But it is also unacceptable, and counter-productive, to lay the blame about this at the door of the UK’s plastics industry.

    “Our industry is far too valuable an economic resource to be treated as a political football. It is high time a more nuanced and informed debate took place, which is based on facts, rather than prejudice and ill-informed opinion. We trust our new sustainable range of packing will help to redress the balance in this debate.”


    For more information, please contact Ben Roberts on 0113 202 6500 or Robert Beaumont of Robert Beaumont Associates on 01423 323139.