The Connors Company launches HR School

The Connors Company, a coaching and people development business based in York, is launching ‘HR School™’ specifically focused on teaching soft skills HR to line managers and HR professionals.

Debbie Connors, Managing Director, who has worked in HR for over 20 years explains the reasons behind setting up HR School.

“In all the time I‘ve been doing HR, resolving people issues, firefighting and tearing my hair out, I’ve realised that we continue to treat the symptoms and not the cause.  It’s no coincidence that the same people issues keep cropping up time and again.  At HR School, we want to equip line managers with tools and techniques that serve to reduce the causes of conflict at work and promote positive management practices.

Our teaching will not be about process because anyone can learn that.  It’s about the ‘presence’ you bring to the process – that’s the difference that makes the difference.  We’ll be teaching leading edge skills in the use of language, different styles of communication and being able to read others.  This means managers will have tools to create more positive outcomes whilst reducing the need for negative HR interventions, often time consuming, costly and emotionally draining.

I believe the need to address line management capability is an urgent one. There are too many people who are merely surviving instead of thriving at work at a great cost to the economy and quality of life. We are letting down managers and letting down staff. Most managers I’ve worked with actually want to do the best by their teams.  Even with the best intentions, things go wrong often due to a lack of skill and understanding in human behavior.

A report by workplace learning provider Grovo – Good Manager, Bad Manager – describes a good manager as “like a team leader, coach, trainer and psychiatrist all wrapped up into one.” Whilst HR School won’t be teaching modules in psychiatry, it will help managers to understand the way people think and what makes them tick.  This will be covered in its first six day “Coaching and Influencing Programme” that begins in July.  We want line management soft skills training to become the industry norm where every manager has a toolkit and the opportunity to make a difference in peoples working lives.

Debbie Connors is an Executive Coach and HR Trainer.  Click on the link for more information about HR School and how to increase skills for line managers.