Thorite – The latest compressor technology for A W Hainsworth

To say that A W Hainsworth & Sons is a long-established textile company is something of an understatement. That the company was formed over two hundred and thirty years ago and is still controlled by the family, speaks volumes.


A W Hainsworth & Sons manufactures a vast range of specialist textiles that are used for an equally vast range of applications such as fire services and armed forces uniforms, for the coverings of snooker and pool tables, for royal palaces, school uniforms and formal wear. The list is almost endless.


A company doesn’t last this long without staying abreast of technology and a major investment in the latest air jet weaving looms meant that the existing compressors simply would not be able to handle the demand. Leighton Harris, Thorite’s Area Capital Equipment Sales Engineer provided a quotation which was based on the 55 kW Kaeser HPC CSD105T with sigma frequency demand – This is where the delivery of air is directly proportional to the demand which makes this an extremely energy efficient compressor – and won the order against high quality opposition.


This was a project where there could be absolutely no moisture in the compressed air at all. At any other time, this would have meant the additional purchase of a dryer module and the installation of additional pipework. In an area that was quite tight on available space, this could have caused a problem. However, within the housing of the compressor is a modular integrated refrigerant dryer which removes any moisture at source and also, of course, helped greatly with space saving during the installation process.


Ashley Harbert is the Manufacturing Director of A W Hainsworth & Sons: “The compressor and associated pipework was installed during March this year, by one of the Thorite installation teams. Other than having to re-site some equipment within the compressor room, which had been planned for, the work was completed on time, to budget and without drama.  The level of service and attention to detail that we received was first class and what we would have expected from Thorite.”

To ensure that their new compressor runs faultlessly for the foreseeable future, A W Hainsworth & Sons also purchased a Thorite Service Contract. For more information please contact please contact Thorite on 0800 034 5850 or visit