Wear Red in February for a new children’s heart theatre

Children’s Heart Surgery Fund’s annual Wear Red Day is once again raising vital funds in support of Leeds Congenital Heart Unit and our fight against Congenital Heart Disease (CHD).

This year’s Wear Red Day falls on Friday 3rd February, 2017, and is all about raising £500,000 for a state of the art children’s theatre based here at the LGI, which will open by 2018. As you may have heard, CHSF reached halfway towards this total at Christmas time. That’s £250,000 and counting – an amazing achievement having only officially launched in May last year. However, there is still a way to go, and that’s where Wear Red Day comes in.

Sharon Coyle, the CEO of CHSF said:

 “Wear Red Day is a significant date in the CHSF calendar, as it gives families and our supporters a wonderful opportunity to raise vital funds to pay for life-saving equipment, which aids present and future generations.”

Anyone can take part in a Wear Red Day event – this usually includes businesses, employees, school staff, students, club members and other local organisations. It’s not too complicated and doesn’t require much pre-planning.

To organise your Wear Red Day, it’s important first to register online. Then it’s a case of communicating the event to any prospective supporters in advance, and pay in your donation afterwards. You can use online resources, email info@chsf.org.uk or call 0113 392 5742 for help.

If you can’t take part for any reason, that’s no problem, simply text WEAR17 £5 to 70070 (you can also text £1, £2, £3 or £10).

For those unaware of the facts behind CHD, there is no obvious cause identified in most cases. As it’s a congenital condition, it’s not something you will acquire in later life, therefore lifestyle changes won’t affect your personal outcome – unlike other prevalent diseases. That said, those unaffected by CHD could be considered to be the lucky ones. CHSF would appeal to you to help us treat those suffering from CHD, and make the difficult road patients, parents and families have to travel that bit easier. For more information on CHD patients and their families, you can read CHSF’s Real Stories online or any edition of CHSF’s BraveHearts magazine to give real world context.

Around 10,000 babies and children are treated in the Leeds Congenital Heart Unit every year, with some 400 needing open heart surgery. To ensure these young Yorkshire fighters have the best possible chance of survival, and live their lives to the full, the most effective surgical equipment is needed in place at LGI. And that means keeping up with the evolution of this speciality, or as CHSF calls it… Keeping The Beat. Find out more about the Keeping The Beat campaign online.

To register for Wear Red Day, simply fill in your details on our simple sign-up page. Registrants will have CHSF’s unrelenting support up to, including, and after the day itself. Thank you.