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  • York travels towards being an age-friendly city

    Partners working to improve York for its older residents have launched a consultation on getting out and about in the city.

    With around ten percent of York’s population aged over 65 – one third of whom live alone – the city has joined the UK network of Age Friendly communities which are linked to the World Health Organisation.

    York aims to help older people live healthy and active later lives, that they are happy and are in good health while living in their community. Being an Age Friendly city means that older residents are encouraged to become active citizens, shaping the place that they live in by working alongside local groups, council and businesses to identify and make changes to the physical and social environment they live in.

    In York, this will be done by working towards improving the choices older people have regarding how they can travel and where they travel to, how they spend their time and access information, the quality of their housing and services for older people.

    Councillor Carol Runciman, Executive Member for Adult Social Care and Health (pictured below) said: “We know that York is a great place to live in and we want to engage with our older people to hear how things could be better for them. Whether that is in terms of access to good quality support or the homes that they want to live in, we’re interested in all views.

    “Ageing well is a key priority of the York Health and Wellbeing Board and, as part of this commitment, we want to engage more people and hear how we can help them to live longer, happier lives. Please share your ideas with us at agefriendlyyork@york.gov.uk

    Jim Cannon, Chair of York Older People’s Assembly (YOPA), welcomed the age-friendly initiative and added: “This builds on an older people’s survey we undertook with City of York Council 18 months ago when over 900 people responded. We are keen to see improvements in public transport as well as better access to seats and toilet facilities in the city centre. Let’s remember that improvements in the city benefit everybody, not just older people.”

    The initiative is supported by the York Health and Well being Board, and partners will work with City of York Council, York Older People’s Assembly, York CVS as well as local groups and businesses to engage older people and key stakeholders about their lives and to ask for suggestions to make the city more age friendly